How an SEO can Wreck Your Reputation

Skeleton SEO

When we think of SEO, we typically focus on the positive benefits such as financial freedom, job creation, and more.  Cool right? But that’s not the focus of this article. Get ready to dive deep into the dark side of SEO. Reverse Reputation SEO Do you have a few skeletons in the closest you’re trying … Read moreHow an SEO can Wreck Your Reputation

Google September Core Update Info

Google September 2019 Core Update

Just yesterday Google announced it was rolling out a core algorithm update. These updates can take several days to fully roll out. This is the second time that Google has pre-announced a core update. Why do core updates matter? Whenever Google rolls out an update it means that a significant amount of websites either decline … Read moreGoogle September Core Update Info

The Similarities Between DDOS and Negative SEO Attacks

Denial of service attacks flood web services to crash them. Flooding is the more common form of Dos attack. This happens when the attacked system is overwhelmed by a large amount of traffic that the server is unable to handle. While negative SEO attacks don’t overwhelm a webserver through the delivery of a large amount … Read moreThe Similarities Between DDOS and Negative SEO Attacks