about me.

Sean Hakes
Negative SEO Expert

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Sean Hakes. My goal as a kid was to become an accomplished architect – the only thing I didn’t realize back then was my desire for architecture wasn’t in homes, it was understanding and creating unmatched SEO campaigns through an in-depth understanding of search algorithms.

Currently I work as in independent SEO consultant for a select group of clients while also leading Altitude Agency which I founded in 2014.

I specialize in helping business and individuals recover from what is referred to as negative SEO. While major search engines like Google ignore the fact that negative SEO is real, and it works – I’ve met first hand founders, managers and directors who’ve lost millions of dollars in revenue to these vicious, unprovoked attacks.

I know the impact of negative SEO first hand.

This is one of the very reasons I am so passionate about helping business owners combat negative SEO campaigns. I’ve had various websites, including the Altitude Agency website which is still combating an aggressive negative SEO campaign.

Outside of SEO I enjoy traveling America with my family in our RV and flying around living out my passion for aviation.