Does Negative SEO Work

For years, Google has basically said their algorithms are too smart for negative SEO and in some cases, a negative SEO attack could even potentially help you. Bull $#!. Sure, there are some incredibly smart people at Google however, I don’t think they are entirely honest most of the time.

Let’s take NuLeaf Naturals as an example. NuLeaf was (and continues to be) attacked by a pretty nasty, high-intensity negative SEO campaign. The anchor text pointed at contains all kinds of nasty porn topics, sex acts and more. (Disclaimer: reader discretion is advised…)

At their peak, NuLeaf Naturals was raking in roughly 100K monthly visitors to their online store. In March of 2019, traffic tanked from 100K monthly visitors to around 16K – massive loss in not only traffic but revenue alike.

What would you do? Up until this point, we disavowed roughly half of the offending links – a little bit happened, but not much. Several weeks later I decided to do an in-depth link audit. I literally pulled up every rock I could find and dusted out the nastiness. The new disavow contained nearly a million or so offending links from about 600 domain names.

That’s when the disavow was submitted and the waiting game began.

Two days later after disavowing a huge portfolio of nastiness – rankings have started to skyrocket – in fact, of monitored keywords were up roughly 1000 positions in a few short days.

The current situation with NuLeaf is very real and still active so I’ll be sure to update this post as I learn more info.

Two things are for certain, the main site was hit, as well as the CBD shop page.

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