CBD Oil Affiliate Program

How To Make Money in CBD With Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been looking at the news, you’ve likely noticed that CBD is everywhere. CBD (short for cannabidiol according to Health.com) is a compound that’s derived from the Cannabis sativa plant… more commonly known as marijuana. However, what makes CBD / Hemp Oil different is that it has no THC, which is the compound in marijuana that produces the “high” in the user. Despite that, though, CBD can still help reduce pain and swelling, and some people report that it even helps with anxiety and other conditions. And since it’s distinct from marijuana in both a chemical and a legal sense, CBD has been mixed into… well, practically everything.

From body butter to lattes, to ecigs, CBD is something people are turning to in a big way. And if you want to get in on the craze, but you don’t want to stock and sell your own products, then the solution for you might be affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a fairly simple concept. In short, it’s when you act as a freelance sales representative, and whenever you sell a product you get a percentage of that sale.

Examples work best to illustrate how this process works.

Let’s say, for example, you managed a blog all about pain management. For this week’s entry, you wrote a list of the top 5 CBD products on the market and put in links for readers to click to check out the products in question. If you were an affiliate marketer you could get a special link from the company you worked with (say Amazon, as an example), and that link is specifically tied to you as an affiliate. Now whenever someone clicks one of your special links, their traffic is earmarked under your number. Then, if they buy something, you get the credit for that sale, and your percentage is deposited in your account.

Also, since it’s important to mention, it doesn’t matter what people buy, as long as you’ve tagged them. If someone clicks a link to check out some CBD drops, for example, but opts to get some CBD body lotion instead, as long as they showed up via your link then you still get the credit for that sale.

The Advantages of Affiliate Marketing and CBD

Some folks may feel that getting a small percentage of a sale isn’t the best proposition and that they’d get more bang for their buck selling CBD products themselves. While that might be true for any individual sale, there are some serious advantages to the CBD affiliate programs with this particular branch of products.

For instance…

– Established Products: When it comes to CBD, professional, name-brand products with an existing reputation are just easier to sell. Affiliate marketers can leverage existing products to make their sales.

– Ease of Sale: There’s no need to have a physical storefront, your own website, a supply of the product, etc. Affiliate marketers simply help an existing company make more sales, leaving all the heavy lifting to the other party.

– Potential Earnings: While it’s true that the percentage the affiliate gets per sale is rather small, there’s no limit to the number of sales one can make. The more links they have, the greater their potential earnings become over time.

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