The Rise of NuLeaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is coming back from the dead. Months ago, they fell victim to a pretty gnarly negative SEO attack. The good news is 1.) we think we know who did it and 2.) the site after an extensive detox is now taking back it’s once-dominant positioning in Google.

It wasn’t long ago that NuLeaf couldn’t be found for major terms like ‘organic CBD oil [3].’ For the past few days, has been bouncing around from the #1 to #3 spot.

Every Website is Recoverable – It Doesn’t Matter How Bad the Attack Is.

Right now, there’s an industry-wide negative SEO attack going down on not only NuLeaf but other CBD players as well.

To put into perspective what a negative SEO attack looks like, I created this visualization. Each dot represents a domain name that is spamming – kinda looks like the Big Bang doesn’t it?

If this were war, it would be essentially a force shooting missiles non-stop at their target until the wall (Google) falls down and the business, therefore, suffers potential catastrophic loss.

Is your website suffering from a negative SEO attack?

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